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Vibrant Culture

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Vibrant Culture

Vibrant Culture

The Flight Centre Travel Group is diverse and always on the cusp of some crazy adventure. “Boring” or “average” is not part of our vocabulary and being part of the team means you’ll need to be ready for anything. Our team culture is one of challenging ourselves and our teams to always be willing to push the envelope for our clients.

In a performance-driven environment like ours, we do work hard – without a doubt - but to balance that out, we play hard too. We thrive on incentives and targets and there are more than enough to keep everyone motivated. The rewards are great for those that persevere towards their targets.

Our Philosophies

Our company culture is aimed at motivating and inspiring individuals to always push the envelope of their performance. This then translates into highly effective teams with members that support and encourage each other and all work together to contribute to the success of the team. The company philosophies form the foundation of our culture and they include:

Our People:

We care about our people’s health and well-being, financial security and career growth.

Our Customers:

Our customers always have a choice. We treat them with respect, honesty and integrity while delivering incredible travel experiences.

Brightness of Future:

We believe in helping people feel like they belong – that they are part of the family and have an integral role to play in the big picture. We aim to provide a supportive work environment where people receive opportunities for growth and learning.

Taking Responsibility:

We take full responsibility when we fail or succeed. We do not blame outside forces. So even though we don’t always have control over the situation – we still take ownership and responsibility for how we handle it.

Egalitarianism & Unity:

We believe everyone should have equal privileges and rights in our business. We don’t condone a “them” vs “us” mentality. We continuously strive to fulfil our purpose: To open up the world for those who want to see. For our people, it means helping them achieve their goals and develop professionally and personally, thus opening up their world to bigger and greater life experiences. For our customers, we achieve this purpose by planning and delivering world-class travel experiences.

What to Expect

A large part of our culture is an understanding of the value of gathering together as a team as often as possible to learn, share and celebrate. Globally, the Flight Centre Travel Group teams implement the following:

  • Morning meetings
  • Weekly business meetings
  • Monthly Buzz Nights to celebrate and reward individual and team efforts and achievements
  • Conferences to continue learning
  • National Balls
  • Global Gathering, an annual conference and celebration for our top performers.

Final thoughts...

Our culture aims to inspire and encourage every person in the organisation to be the best version of themselves – regardless of their background. We love what we do and we strive to have that love translate into every challenge we face.

Feel free to take a look at some of our available positions - who knows, your career can also soar to new heights!