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Life at FCTG

Life at FCTG

Flight Centre Travel Group is an Australian based international travel company and in the top 5 travel companies worldwide. Its global operations include stores in New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, as well as outlets in India, UAE, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, China, Mexico, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina, France, Switzerland, Namibia and South Africa. Flight Centre Travel Group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with an annual total turnover of AU$20 billion sales. It has more than 3000 stores in 23 different equity countries with over 20,000 staff. The company is listed on the ASX, with a market cap of AU$4 Billion and a current share price of AU$39 as of July 2017.

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated with Travel Incentives

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 12:54

Having incentives at work isn’t something your employees can strive towards, but it can also be used as a tactic to recruit new people. For those working within the travel and tourism industry, this offers employees the opportunity to travel the globe at a fraction of the price. Not only is this a way in which the business can indirectly market their business, but it can also serve as an opportunity for employees to learn about new areas to come back and sell to other clients.

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