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Tips for Setting Career Goals

Whether it’s to keep your current career on track, because you’re planning for an interview or because you’re re-assessing your priorities in the workplace, career goals can be extremely valuable. Here’s a handy list of tips on how to narrow your goals down and tie them down.

  1. Firstly, establish what your ultimate goal is, such as where you would like to end up in your career.
  2. Once you’ve established what your ultimate goal is, list ten steps you can take to achieve this goal (need more steps? Go crazy!).
  3. Break down this list of steps into long-term, medium-term and short-term goals.
  4. Establish what you need to make your career goals happen. This could be improving your current skills, adding new skills to your repertoire, and even seeking council from the likes of a Life Coach.
  5. Set up clear timelines on when you would like to have achieved each goal by, along with rewards for accomplishing each goal (no matter how small).
  6. Now that your goals and timelines have been established, tell someone. This ensures accountability, a voice of reason and some much needed support and encouragement.
  7. Review your career plan regularly. If you need to update it because you over or under-estimated something, don’t feel bad, just make sure you’re being reasonable.
  8. Once you have accomplished your ultimate goal, reward yourself and rethink your goals—careers are a lifelong journey and you should always strive to better yourself.

These eight simple steps should not only give you clarity on what your goals are, but also on how to accomplish them and where to go thereafter.