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Q&A: 2 New recruits share their experience of working at FCTG

A career at Flight Centre Travel Group is full of excitement, challenges and rewards. Every one of our employees has their own unique goals, ambitions and concerns. And while everyone is different, we make it our business to create an exciting and supportive working environment where every employee is given the opportunity to succeed. We asked Joshua and Samantha, two of our newest recruits, to share their unique experiences with Flight Centre so far.

Q: How long did it take from your application to being appointed at FCTG?

Joshua: Literally 10 minutes after I sent off my application at the internet café I was called by someone from the recruitment department to do the telephonic interview. I then had my final interview just 3 days later!

Samantha: It took about 6 weeks, including our one-month training period.

Q: What made you want to work at Flight Centre Travel Group?

Joshua: I have a passion for travel and this company allows massive opportunity to travel and grow within the company. Most other companies don’t offer promotions as regularly as Flight Centre Travel Group.

Samantha: I worked for FCTG in the past during school and university holidays, so I have been exposed to the company for many years.

Q: What was the application process like?

Joshua: Well it was the same as any other application process, then you do a psychometric evaluation to measure your leadership potential and other personal traits. This is a bit nerve-wracking at first because it’s not something you usually do when applying for jobs. But that’s what’s makes it so exciting.

Samantha: It was actually pretty cool. I was referred to the company and had my interview that way.

Q: What were the people like during your interview and selection process?

Joshua: Very professional but also friendly and full of life. You could see they were serious about travel but were very light-hearted too. You could sense the family spirit.

Samantha: They were very easy going and liked it when we were being honest and just ourselves.

Q: What has your experience been like since you started working at FCTG?

Joshua: Terrifying at first, as there is a lot to take in. After the first month you start learning more and becoming comfortable. The people are very supportive and helpful – they understand that you are new and the company focuses a lot on your development.

Samantha: It has been eye opening, as I never thought the consultants in store work this hard. I always assumed that they were on Facebook. Boy was I wrong. However, I am never bored and love my job. Meeting new people is very interesting and the people I am in store with are always friendly, so the environment is comfortable.

Q: What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Joshua: We have meetings in the mornings before we start work. Then once we open, the music comes on and we start attending to phone calls and emails sent by clients. Most of your day is based on finding information for your clients in order to give them the best prices and the best experiences. This job is very target driven which makes it exciting. You never really have the same day over and over, as you are always faced with new enquiries and new destinations.

Samantha: I do many business-related duties, such as updates and banking etc. I try and take 8 new enquiries every day. But some days it’s more difficult than others if you have a lot of admin to do or when processing a booking. As I have extreme attention to detail, the booking process is very important to me and I invest my full attention into it.

Q: What support have you received from FCTG in your new role?

Joshua: I have received novice training on a monthly basis, as well as motivation from my team and area leaders. There is also a programme called Compass with unlimited training material on a number of aspects of the job and the company.

Samantha: I have had a lot of support in my new role from my team leaders, as well as our one best way team. We often do new training and receive training from our suppliers to make us the best in the business. I enjoy taking notes and telling our client about my new knowledge of a product.

Q: How have the other staff members of FCTG been treating you?

Joshua: They are always helping and supporting me. I know that if I need anything, all I have to do is pick up the phone and ask.

Samantha: My team and the people in my brand are pretty amazing. The Cruiseabout team is quite small so we get along well. I have to say we exceed in our people relations. I am never afraid to ask a question or to ask for assistance.

Q: Do you feel like you are part of the team and fit in?

Joshua: Of course. Not only are you a part of your own store team but you have a sense of belonging in the whole area. I am a part of Impi (KZN) and I know that no matter what I need help with, I always have people backing me and wanting me to do my best.

Samantha: Yes, I think we all play a very important role in the team, I am more light-hearted so I like to lighten the mood, help out where I can and make my team happy.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about working at FCTG?

Joshua: Starting my growth in the company to leading my own team and hopefully growing to a position at Head Office. Obviously the travelling and educational trips are a big part of the motivation but the opportunities are endless, so who knows…

Samantha: Flight Centre’s Brightness Of Future philosophy leaves a lot of room for growth. My BOF is a little tricky as there is only one position available and I might not reach that goal. However, I do have a backup goal. Flight Centre has taught me a lot about teamwork and people skills.

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