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Travel Expert

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Travel Expert

Travel Expert


Ever thought about becoming a Flight Centre Travel Expert? Maybe you should. Especially if you love everything travel. If you love planning Instagram-worthy adventures. If you love connecting the dots between places to fly, places to drive, places to eat and sleep and see and do. If you love people. If you love challenges and sales targets and incentives and commission. Then yeah, you should definitely think about it.


There’s the thrill of being in an industry so alive with dreams. There’s the awesomeness of working for a company that’s so flexible, so woke, so much fun, and so open to your ideas for change that it won the Platinum Standard of Excellence Achiever Seal in Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For Survey.

And hey, there’s more …

  • Like uncapped earning potential. You set your own goals within our targets. You have the luxury of flexibility, so you get to be the master of your own work-life balance.
  • You get to live the kind of life that will turn your friends green. Travel discounts, incentives, the chance to effect change in the company even if you’re not the CEO.
  • You get invited to legendary celebrations – like our amazing Annual Global Conference for top achievers.
  • The team catch-ups are a blast, the conferences are inspiring, and the training will blow your mind. What can we say? Our company culture is all people, people, people.



When you step into the office, a typical day could look like this …


First things first: you’ll be keeping your customers happy

You’ll be slaying it; answering phone calls within 3 rings, responding to enquiries within 3 hours, and resolving client issues like a pro. You’ll pay attention to your clients so that you can give them exactly what they want – in fine detail. You’ll turn delivering flawless itineraries and travel documents into an art, always taking into account directness of routing, cost and airline preference, and keeping your clients’ confidentiality.


You’ll grow

It’s an open-plan space, so you get to work and grow as the unique human you are, and as a team. You get to give direction, and you get to take it. You get to open up to constructive criticism from team members, team leaders, and clients. You get to share what you know, you get to lift each other to greater heights, you get to race each other to the top.


You’ll get things done

Sure, you report to your team leader, and there are guidelines, but within those, you’re free to set your own priorities and take control of your own work, and to totally own other tasks and duties … like banking.

It’s a full life. While you’re pushing yourself to shine, to hit those office targets, the budgets, the monthly KPIs (performance indicators), the yearly sales figures, you’re staying on top of the paperwork, the admin, maintaining accurate records and travel arrangements details, you’re attending conferences, team meetings, industry training, and seminars, you’re living the Flight Centre Travel Group philosophies.

And those long hours and night shifts you’re putting in? Say hello uncapped commission and even more time off for more mind-blowing adventures. Yeah. #lifegoals



  • Whether you’re working one-on-one, or in a team, you have amazeballs people skills. You’re practically the people-whisperer.
  • Your academic record is rock solid (and big ups to you if you have an undergraduate degree).
  • You’re like a walking calculator, people love the way you write, and you definitely know your way around a computer. In fact, you have Amadeus - Global Distribution System, Quicktrav, Gmail and Microsoft Office down!
  • You know how to weigh up the pros and cons, and you’re a sharp decision-maker.
  • Organised is your middle name, and nobody plans and schedules like you do.
  • You know how to take an idea and make it fly – you don’t need somebody watching over your shoulder.
  • Deadlines? No problem. Demanding clients? You know exactly how to make them happy.



Are you an SA Citizen?

Do you have a Matric Certificate?

Have you completed a Tertiary Qualification? (Diploma etc)

Do you have 4 years work experience?

Did you say yes to every single one? Awesome. Apply now!