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Employee Testimonials...

Zola Somzana-Team Leader

I joined Flight Centre Travel Group because I wanted to write my own paycheck. What has kept me here is the culture, the people as well as the amazing opportunities for growth. This is why we are voted the best company best company to work for.


Nhlanhla Litabe-Team Leader

I joined this amazing company because I am passionate about travel & from the outside it displayed all the possibilities I could have and they became reality. I am still here because I have made relationships with my clients and I just cannot leave them --at least not until their bucket list is done...which probably won't. In short, FCTG is a book of possibilities turned into Realities for me.


Andrew Grunweld- Brand Leader Flight Centre Business Travel

When I joined the company in 2005 I had a dream of what I wanted to be doing when I was 50 - but didn't know how I could get there. Thirteen years later and due to FCTG I have achieved that dream and now my vision is even bigger.  FCTG creates opportunities and the environment for those who want to be challenged and excel.


Genevieve Mahomed-- Team Leader Durban

Life is too short to NOT love what you do!! Flight Centre Travel Group gives you the freedom to push boundaries and go further than you thought possible, with uncapped earning potential and the opportunity to travel the world with awesome incentives!! Your dreams are only as far as your are willing to go to get them!! What was supposed to the be a temporary job, turned into an 7 Year career and counting... 


Abel Ridgard- Flight Centre Holidays consultant

Why I love FCTG : Well the companies number 1 Philosophy is " Our people", is what I personally have had what I call a peak experience with this philosophy being a FCTG employee, I have never seen a company that takes such good care of it's employees like Flight Centre,you are exposed to endless opportunity and benefits

One other great thing about this company is access to learning tools, the ability to make friends across the globe , with that said I would not recommend any other companies, a great number of employees has testified and Deloitte has proved it.  #FCTGlife  :)


If you’re looking to make the change and join the exciting Flight Centre team, visit our applications page to view our available vacancies and Apply Online!

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